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How to find the cadastral code of any Georgian property?

Georgia is a wonderful country, not only is it blessed with beautiful nature, rich culture and generous people, it is also technologically ahead of some countries due to its usage of technology in bureaucracy. Public Service Hall (PSH) is a great example how all countries should approach the process of residency registration, incorporation, real estate registration and many other processes. The ability to do everything necessary for your registration of choice under one roof is simply amazing. The transparency that is offered by information being accessible through the internet Is sensational. Certainly there are some things Georgia could work on. Providing better support for internationals who do not speak Georgian would be one of them. Luckily for anyone who is interested in purchasing a property in Georgia, there is an amazing tool, which is in English, that can help you find more information about the property you are interested in.

Lets say you visit Georgia this summer, you are going through the gorgeous wine region of Kakheti and all of a sudden you spot the perfect place, where you could build your dream house. You have the financial means to make your dream come true, but you don’t know anything about the property, nor who could you contact to make the purchase. What can you do? Simply visit the site ran by National Agency of Public Registry (NAPR). This simple but powerful map will help you find the cadastral code of any property in Georgia. We recommend patience as sometimes it takes a while to load the site for the first time, but we promise, it is worth it!

How to find the cadastral code of a property ?

  1. Go to

  2. Switch the language of the map to English by clicking the gear icon on the bottom right of your browser and click English.

  3. Proceed to the top left corner of the map and click on the map layers button located next to the magnifying glass icon.

  4. Click on the drop down menu called Cadastre and enable the Cadastral data by clicking the grey toggle switch button.

And there you go, you now have a map of the whole Georgia with cadastral codes for any property. Simply zoom in to the location where your dream property is located and write down the cadastral code.

Congratulations! You are one step closer to finding out more information about your dream property. If you would like to know what further information can you access by using the cadastral code, check out this article.


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