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Magnetic Beach Resort is a unique investment opportunity which you should not miss out on! It is a luxury apartment complex right on one of the best locations on the Georgian shores, Kobuleti. The apartments are built from highest quality materials imported from all over Europe.

  • Cast iron shower tray flat Kaldewei  - Germany

  • Bathroom faucets from Germany and Italy - Grohe and Paffoni 

  • Window profiles are aluminium 6 - chamber with an interrupted thermal bridge and high soundproofing, also manufactured according to the requirements of our designers and construction supervision in the EU

  • Kitchen faucets and sinks - luxury line Monarch Alveus - Slovenia 

By buying an apartment in Magnetic Beach Resort you will not only have a luxury apartment right on the shores of Black sea, where you can go by your self or with your kids. You will also have an amazing investment, that will generate passive income for you. Coastal real estate has always been one of the most popular type of real estate. Nowadays finding a property that is 20 m away from the sea with a price tag of $100 000 is almost impossible. That's why you should NOT miss out on this amazing opportunity that has the potential to reward you in the future very handsomely!


Kobuleti is located in the south western part of Georgia on the coast of Black sea. It is a fast developing resort with a subtropic climate. Temperatures in summer are around 27 °C and in winter around 11 - 4 °C. Beaches in Kobuleti are very rich on magnetic minerals and the beaches slope gently into the water, therefore being great for both children and elderly people. The area is also distinguished by its clear water, it's not uncommon to see dolphins on the horizon. Kobuleti is close by to many interesting places, so being bored won't be an option! Such places to mention would be National park Mtirala, National park Kolkheti, or Tsitsinatela amusemnt park.

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