top of page logo is the first owners only real estate platform in Georgia. Georgia has no regulations on who can and cannot become a real estate agent. This results in a market that is overcrowded with real estate agents. If you decide that you would like to advertise your property on a local real estate platforms, it is very common that after uploading your property to the real estate website, the listing you've uploaded is copied by real estate agents and re-uploaded to the same website. This often happens without your permission. You now have less of a chance to attract the attention of a potential tenant or a buyer. The agent's listing will be displayed higher than yours because it is newer, so the chance of a potential tenant or a buyer clicking on your listing is smaller and smaller with each copied listing. If you would like to stay on top of the list without paying, you would need to check the website every hour and report all the copied listings. 

This made us think, how could we make the local real estate market a better place? How to prevent copying of listings? That's how the idea called was born.

Why use is a platform on which only the owners can upload listings. Each uploaded listing is reviewed before it is published, therefore, listing copying is impossible. This leads to better visibility of the listing for the owner and a better chance of finding a potential tenant or buyer. also has benefits for those interested in real estate. Buyers or tenants can find real estate on directly from the owners without an intermediary. Excluding an intermediary from the process of selling or renting a real estate will save the owner 3-4% in the case of sale and 1 month of rent in the case of renting. This means that the owner has more space to move with the price and the potential buyer/tenant has a better chance of getting a discount.  

Benefits of

For owners:

  • No listing copying

  • Greater visibility of listing

  • Services are free


For those interested in real estate:

  • Removal of the intermediary 

  • Possibility of a larger discount

  • Services are free has the potential to change the way buyers and sellers interact in the Georgian real estate market. We truly believe in this project and we will be very grateful if you check it out. Who knows, maybe it can save you some money!  

How much can save you?

Price of the property

Real estate agent commission



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